Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine is a vegan food and writing quarterly that brings whole-foods cooking and living to a beautiful, practical level. Passionate about living and eating cleanly, Lysa has written and photographed recipes, how-to guides, and reviews for several issues of Chickpea. (Click page images to enlarge.)


The Dirty Dish on Soap: A Guide to Making Clean Soap with a Conscious Mind

This eight-page feature, in the magazine's #23 Whole Issue, explains to readers "the dirty dish" behind commercial soaps and teaches them how to make cold-processed, vegan and truly clean soaps from scratch. 


Vegan Cheese (For Cheese Lovers)

Lysa ate many a "creepy cheese" researching, writing and photographing this article, which was named one of Chickpea's best articles of 2014.


Recipe: Pumpkin Seed Potato Gratin

This recipe, written, tested and photographed by Lysa, was part of a collection by Chickpea Magazine's digital edition celebrating the humble potato.