Host & Producer

Lysa produces, hosts, and stars in talk shows, actual play shows, and more on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch network.


Tales from the Mists

Lysa is the showrunner and a cast member of Tales from the Mists, a gothic horror Ravenloft series airing on the Dungeons & Dragons official Twitch channel Fridays at 6pm PT. Tales from the Mists also is available as a podcast. Lysa plays Mercy Albrecht, a storm sorceress haunted by visions of death.

Dungeon Master TK Johnson leads four Ravenloft natives through the Domains of Dread. Mysterious guests, dark secrets, and tragic destinies await our heroes: where will they stand when the fire of revolution burns a path through Ravenloft? Tales from the Mists’ narrative play style, intricately woven stories, and thoughtful reimagining of a classic setting brings you a Dungeons & Dragons experience unlike any other.


D&D Communitea

Lysa is the showrunner and co-host of D&D Communitea, a monthly tea party and talk show during which Lysa, Hannah Rose, and Celeste Conowitch sip geeky teas and discuss all things Dungeons & Dragons on the big purple couch.


Dungeon Masters Guild Design Dash

Lysa produces and co-hosts DMsGuild Design Dash, a friendly competition that challenges DMsGuild’s top-selling authors to design encounters, archetypes, and more… in 15 minutes! This game show of Iron Chef meets Dungeons & Dragons brings adrenaline, fun, and entertainment while spotlighting the diverse talents of the DMsGuild creator community. (14).gif

Adventurers Wanted

Premiering July 2018, Adventurers Wanted is a talk show all about the Adventurers League news and events with a spotlight on community interviews and featured community-created content. This monthly talk show airs every 4th Friday at 11am PT on It is produced by Lysa Chen and co-hosted by Lysa and her fellow AL administrators.

Dragon Talk

With Dragon Talk co-host Shelly Mazzanoble away, Lysa Penrose steps in alongside Greg Tito to help record intros and banter for the official D&D podcast.


Pelham’s Hot Mess

A champion!!! Sometimes. Lysa joins the D&D staff and friends in board game battles for the shiny championship belt in a show where whatever Pelham wants goes.


Dungeon Master’s Guide with Satine Phoenix

Lysa represented Dungeon Masters Guild as a correspondent on Dungeon Master’s Guide with Satine Phoenix. She shared inspiring tips for aspiring D&D writers.