Brand Management: Chopt

Lysa worked with the CEO and founders of Chopt to lead the redesign of the restaurant and brand in 2015, including the company's website and store design. The restaurant's chief copywriter and director of marketing, Lysa wrote a new credo that captured not only Chopt's mission but also her own passions and aspirations for the company. She coined phrases such as "Farm-to-Fast-Food Revolution" and "Faraway Flavors, Local Ingredients" to highlight Chopt's better approach to fast food.

We believe the Chopt approach to the future of fast food. Fast food as an industry moved our country’s eating habits, agricultural practices and environment in a dangerous direction, and everyday we are driven by the same goal from which Chopt was first founded: to build a force of good and undo what fast food broke. For us, the future is not an afterthought. It’s the end goal we strive toward every day. Every decision for us is an intermediate decision toward that goal. We’re building a world where the fastest, most convenient, most accessible, most affordable food is healthy food, flavorful food, fine dining quality and creativity food, food that support the local community, the local farmers and food systems, the local workers who are part of our team. If we do it well, there will be followers, more restaurants, more people like us. The food landscape will change. And then choosing healthy (healthy for you, for your family, for your community) will be a no brainer, the default. No counting calories or fad diets or thinking about what goes into your mouth except what you’re craving. No thinking about your food. Just enjoying it. That way it should be. Think about where else we can put our energies when that future is a reality. .So it’s important for us to think of ourselves as ‘fast food.’ Fast food messed up. We have to fix it.
— Chopt Credo