As a Dungeons & Dragons writer, community manager, and a generally enthusiastic and engaged member of the D&D community, Lysa has a lot to say about her favorite hobby and career!


D&D Beyond

It's D&Daisies! Lysa chats all things Dungeons and Dragons, the Adventurers League, Behold Her Podcast, and Hell's Belles with Adam Bradford and Todd Kenreck of D&D Beyond... all while teaching them floral design.


Dragon Talk

Lysa joins Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble on the Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Dragon Talk, discussing everything from joining the Dungeon Masters Guild Adept to creating community-wide festivals for Adventurers League to reinventing her life through Dungeons & Dragons to pondering the reproductive patterns of beholders.


Nerdarchy Live Chat

Lysa chats with Nerdarchy's Dave about all things Dungeons & Dragons and Adventurers League, answering questions in the chatroom along the way. They touch on dungeon mastering tips, rules to tweak your 5e table, and how diversity makes D&D better.


The Slant

The Slant newsletter delivers Asian American news, media, and culture to e-mail inboxes every Friday. Their "6 Questions" feature interviews awesome Asian Americans doing cool things. In her interview, Lysa talks D&D and pot roasts!


Actual Play Guest Appearances

One of Lysa's greatest joys is rolling dice with members of the tabletop community. In addition to shows she hosts, produces, or stars in as a cast member, Lysa has had the pleasure of being invited to the digital tables of some of the loveliest podcasters and streamers in the online Dungeons & Dragons and RPG communities as a guest player.


Gamehole Con Extra Life 2018

Lysa joins two charity streams to support children’s hospitals at Gamehole Con’s Extra Life streaming event with D&D Beyond. She embodies one of the Adventurers League’s beloved NPCs, SEER the powerful diviner, alongside her fellow AL admins representing characters from AL lore. She plays an ANGRY FISH (triton barbarian) in a game run by D&D Franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls.


Escape from Flavortown

Escape from Flavortown is Web DM's first ever streamed charity one-shot! Gary Fetty, star of "Downtown Dinners and Dumps" runs many terrible eateries, including Flavortown! Watch what happens when four of Fetty's enemies end up on the menu (also there's a talking meatloaf)! D&D Community Manager Satine Phoenix, DM's Guild Adept Lysa Chen, Sydney Shields of Encounter RP, and Autumn of the Curse of Razel Sinn play in a crazy game run by Web DM's Communications Manager Emma Lambert . This game was a benefit for the Girl's Empowerment Network, a central Texas organization which offers school programming and conferences to help female students succeed and achieve their goals in life.


Don't Split the Podcast Network Presents: Trek Through the Undermountain

Lysa joins Rich Howard, Celeste Conowitch, Dan Dillon, and DM Neal Powell for a monster-filled journey through one of D&D's most notorious dungeons, Undermountain, except this time... THEY'RE THE MONSTERS!