The Adventurers League

Lysa serves the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League as a Community Manager. In addition to dreaming up new ways to engage with and celebrate the Adventurers League community, Lysa designs adventures for the official play campaign and hosts and produces a monthly AL talk show called "Adventurers Wanted."


Adventurers Wanted

Premiering July 2018, Adventurers Wanted is a talk show all about the Adventurers League news and events with a spotlight on community interviews and featured community-created content. This monthly talk show airs every 4th Friday at 11am PT on It is produced by Lysa Chen and co-hosted by Lysa and fellow Community Manager Alan Patrick.

Art by Kayla Cline

Art by Kayla Cline

Adventurers League Holidays

Lysa dreams up new ways for the D&D Adventurers League community to share experiences and have fun. She spearheads the Adventurers League’s seasonal holidays, including Midwinter and Liars Night, by creating interactive activities, festively themed rewards, and more! In addition to bringing the entire Adventurers League community together through the power of social media and online spaces, the Adventurers League holidays empower local AL groups with the tools to create their own special events and celebrations and build long-lasting memories of the shenanigans that ensue.

DDAL07-07 Rotting Roots.png

Rotting Roots (DDAL 07-07)

Lysa's premiere Adventurers League module, Rotting Roots is a pulp action romp through the undead-infested jungles of Chult and the second installment of Season 7's The Rot from Within Trilogy.

"The twist in this one is absolutely amazing, and once the players figure it out... it will make their day."

"This module is the best I have seen so far in season 7 by a long shot...The module is a joy to read. Players will, unfortunately, miss out on all the pun-/joke-laden titles that are strewn throughout the module, but they kept me laughing as I browsed through this for the first time."

"This is a fantastic adventure, jam-packed with action, role playing, puzzles, and storytelling. As a player, it was one of the most memorable experiences I've had. As a DM, it's just as fun to run, shocking the players through every twist, watching the looks on their faces as the module unfolds."


Purging the Blood (DDAL08-06)

The finale of the Folded Time Trilogy, Purging the Blood takes adventurers through time to Waterdeep’s past. A mission for the Baron of Blood has characters crossing paths with a host of quirky nobles and the hot new fad.

“The party had a grand time. The NPCs in the module are fun and allow the DM to really make them unique. (Joy was reading Ethereal and Material Danger by Mot Clancy) The bloodhound were hilarious a stat block. “

“I love this module not only because it was written by a female writer, of which I feel D&D needs more of, but because of the agency it allows seasoned DM's or DM's who arent afraid of improvisation and story telling. The story is open ended allowing for the DM to TRULY make it their own. Through experienced role playing on the DM's part you can weave a tale that is custom fit to your groups interests and the direction they choose to go in.”

“I think Lysa Chen did an amazing job with the design and challenges of this module. She excels at creating complex, interesting NPCs and this module is absolutely no exception, with characters like Mumpena Miggledy, Elsa Gost and (the ever present, bewilderingly timeless) Joy Hultmark all succeeding brilliantly in cutting through and being unique and interesting, especially tricky in the new format where text boxes and the like are de-emphasised. Chen's got a knack for putting a lot of character in very little text, and it serves her incredibly well.”


Moving Day (DDAL08-18)

You must transport the Baron of Blood (sealed within his coffin) to his new home. Unfortunately, his new neighbors are not happy to see him move in, and the Mad Mage himself wants to throw him a housewarming party.